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Bandanas and Personalized Gaiter Mask - Airband Gaiter

Airband Gaiter - Custom Gaiter Mask

Neck gaiters are basically stretchy leg warmers for the face. Popular among runners in the winter, you usually put an airband gaiter (or buff) on like a headband. Then you slide it down to your neck, then adjust the fabric to cover your nose. The result is something that functions like an unfussy infinity scarf and a cloth face mask at the same time—you get both protection from Coronavirus and whipping winds. Bandanas are exactly that: bandana. A versatile piece of fabric that you can customize with your logo, design or brand. At Arnett, we offer the custom gaiter mask that is perfect for any occasion.

Arnett Personalized Gaiter Mask and Branded Gaiter Masks

At Arnett, our goal is simple: to create high quality custom face masks, id badges, printed lanyards, wristbands and more. Our face coverings can be designed to feature any company logo or design with our custom printing option. With no minimum order and excellent customer service, our machine washable custom face masks are convenient and stylish.

2 products
  • Custom Gaiters
    Versatile style for everyday activities & outdoor sports.
    Custom Gaiters
  • Custom Bandanas
    custom gaiters
    Perfect for merch, protection, giveaway, or gear.
    Custom Bandanas


Definitely not gators like the small all-terrain vehicle or the reptile, neck gaiters are more like stretchy leg warmers for your face. Also known as a “buff,” you put a gaiter on like a headband and then slide down to your neck, adjusting the fabric to cover your nose. Popular among runners in the winter, it works like an unfussy infinity scarf meets a cloth face mask, protecting from coronavirus and whipping winds alike.

A gaiter is one tubular piece of fabric that goes over your head, covering your face and neck from the nose down. A bandana is a square piece of fabric that is then tied around your face, neck, hair, arm, or head (depending on your intention for wearing it).

Of course! We have custom options for 3-ply (disposable) masks. The benefit? Custom gives you the option to put a design on it. Free branding, anyone?

Custom masks are not medical-grade. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends medical-grade FFP2 or N95 masks to prevent infection. Our masks are designed for daily civilian use as a way to protect others and reduce spread. Please note that face masks are non-returnable because they’re a personal hygiene product.

Cashless RFID solutions! They’re as amazing as they sound and we have a solution for just about every need. With touchless solutions, customers no longer have to transfer cash, pass a credit card, or touch a screen. Now, they just have to hold their wrist or lam/card up to the reader and pay. Touchless, germless, quick, easy . Check out our cashless RFID wristbands Check out our cashless RFID laminates

You know it. We’ve got the whole line up ready to help you open back up safely. Our other products include: Face Masks Floor Graphics Safety Signage Restaurant Safety Products Touchless Payments