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Hanging Parking Passes

One of the more coveted parts of any event, safe and secure parking is essential and hanging parking permits make it easy. Designed for everything from single-day use to multi-day durability, our passes come with add-on security features like holographic foils, QR codes, and variable data tracking so you can make strategic choices to keep security high.
3 products
  • Hanging Paper Parking Passes
    Cost-effective and customizable, our paper parking permits are an un-fussy way to keep security up. Great for single day use. CTA: Shop Category
    Hanging Paper Parking Passes
  • Hanging Laminated Parking Passes
    Long-lasting and made for multi-day use, these laminated passes can take a beating and still get the job done. Fully customizable.
    Hanging Laminated Parking Passes
  • Holographic Parking Passes
    Get noticed for all the right reasons with our holographic parking passes. Safe & secure, choose from 6 different foil options.
    Holographic Parking Passes


Well, where do you need parking? You can definitely use it there, but you can also use it to help direct the flow of traffic, who gets to park where, for how long, and more. We’ve seen them used for venues, apartments, hotels, amusement parks, sporting events, and more.

We hate to say it’s obvious, but they sort of say it in their name: Hanging Parking Passes hang from your rearview mirror and Windshield Decals stick to the inside of your windshield. We only recommend hanging passes for low security and single use events, while windshield decals are perfect for high security, long term use is important.

Absolutely and we’re really proud of them. You can choose from:

  • - Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Wristbands
  • - Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Credentials
  • - RFID Cashless Payment Solutions
  • - Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Parking Passes
  • - Sustainable Lanyards

We have in-stock options for every category and they’re all ready to ship today. Depending on your event and needs, we have:

  • In-Stock Laminates
  • In-Stock Holographic Laminates
  • In-Stock Satins
  • In-Stock Parking Passes

WHonestly, we probably have every option you can imagine. In addition to affordable event passes, we have a number of innovative security credentials, including:

  • Cloth Wristbands
  • Plastic Wristbands
  • Vinyl Wristbands
  • Tyvek Paper Wristbands
  • Lanyard Printing and Badge Holders
  • RFID Solutions
  • Work Place and Event Safety