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Luggage Tags & Badge Accessories

Add a little extra flare to your credentials with our luggage tags and badge accessories. Keep track while keeping things safe with badge holders, reels, and fasteners. Whether as a giveaway for your team or crew, extra identification is always appreciated when you’re looking at a sea of bags and no idea where to begin. Remember, getting the credential is great, but don’t forget that how it attaches is at least half the fun.
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  • Custom Luggage Tags
    cheap luggage tags
    Bags want tags and we’ve got ‘em. Customizable for your event, team, band, and more. Make sure everyone’s stuff stays together.
    Custom Luggage Tags


Think of it like a laminate (either in a pouch or flush cut style) but for your luggage. They’re often used to efficiently keep all your items together on tour and with the addition of variable data like barcodes, QR codes and RFID, they can achieve a lot for your team with just one tag.

They aren’t included, but we have plenty of options. The stock standard is a plastic loop that attaches to the laminate and then fastens to your luggage, or you could go for a bottle opener lanyard...or something in between.

Absolutely and we’re really proud of them. You can choose from: 

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Wristbands
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Credentials
  • RFID Cashless Payment Solutions
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Paper Parking Passes
  • Sustainable Lanyards

We have in-stock options for every category and they’re all ready to ship today. Depending on your event and needs, we have: 

  • In-Stock Laminates 
  • In-Stock Holographic Laminates 
  • In-Stock Satins 
  • In-Stock Parking Passes

For tours and large groups, luggage tags are essential. Help your guests stand out by sticking together by using variable data to create unique tags with their info right alongside the band name, festival logo, group, etc.

Honestly, we probably have every option you can imagine. In addition to affordable event passes, we have a number of innovative security credentials, including: 

  • Cloth Wristbands 
  • Plastic Wristbands 
  • Vinyl Wristbands 
  • Tyvek Paper Wristbands 
  • Lanyard Printing and Badge Holders 
  • RFID Solutions Work Place and Event Safety

Still note sure what you need? Contact our sales team and we’ll walk you through it, finding the best solution for your event. Call us at 888.521.6762 or use our online email form.